Christ Church New Brighton

This is a big (65,000+ sq ft) and extremely shoot-friendly location. The late Gothic style Episcopal church is attached to an enormous two-story parish hall via an enclosed cloister, and right next door there's a large Tudor style rectory--all surrounding a beautiful lawn, graceful old trees, and a convenient U-shaped driveway. However, the beguiling exterior just hints at everything this property offers, including generous resources and lots of different looks in the auditorium, the gymnasium, a double length assembly room with folding divider doors, several unique office and meeting spaces, the huge working kitchen, hallways and breezeways, and tons of easy-to-access parking!

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In TV, film and commercial production, the setting of the scene is often as central to the story as the cast.

So location scouts continually search for authentic looking neighborhoods and buildings as production locations.

Which is what we have... and we like to keep them busy.

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