Space Odyssey?

photo, busy sidewalk & streetCrain’s writer Miriam Kreinin Souccar just published a story about the trend of apartment dwellers who enjoy renting their apartments for TV shoots (Crain’s NY Business, April 10, 2017, p16). The apartment owners plus the buildings make money to compensate for the noise, increased number of people milling around in their lobbies and the inconvenience of losing control of their elevators for several days.

But is the money significant?
Oh, yes indeed.

Sallie Slate Productions represents residential properties and non profits to help them generate additional revenue streams by opening up their locations to film crews. My client, the Grinnell, one of New York’s most glamorous Washington Heights buildings, was built around 1900 does shoots and would like to do more. But the Grinnell would very much like come off the hiatus designation, as it effectively shuts down filming in their neighborhood. (Hiatus means no special parking privileges for the large equipment trucks that are the lifeblood of most shoots.)

So as Bruce Robertson so eloquently said, while you can definitely make money from having a film crew use your apartment, you will also be be inconvenienced.

My job is to make these shoots pleasant and productive for everybody….